Callback Audition Workshop - with JANE NORRIS

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This three session workshop is focused on Callback Auditions.  But, of course, before you do a callback you have to take the first step.  That's why there are two sessions with Casting Director JANE NORRIS in this workshop.  She will give each actor notes about what she believes they need to do to take the next step for the callback.  Before you do your callback audition you will have one preparation session to work on the changes with Richard Sarell.  This will be a small group with a lot of personal attention.

Jane may give notes about what an actor should do to improve outcomes for the scene they have worked on initially.  Or if she thinks a bigger challenge is required she may provide a new scene or suggest you find one that will give you the opportunity to play a higher level of emotion or difficulty for your callback.  So, YOU may have to find the scene you will use in the 'Callback Audition'.

JANE NORRIS is a highly experienced Casting Director with an impressive list of credits from her days at Mullinars Casting Consultants.  She is now running her own business and she is very interested in what can be learnt from this workshop.

There is a schedule for each audition session with specific allocated times. You will work one-on-one with the Casting Director - the reader will be the only other person in the audition room.  You also have a private evaluation session with Richard.

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What you will learn
  • Learn skills from a Casting Director that will improve your ability to audition
  • Understand more about how callback auditions work
  • Get feedback from a television director on the strengths of your audition process and your acting skill
What you will get
  • Your session with the Casting Director will be recorded on a DVD
  • Very clear and productive comments from Richard that could make a significant difference to your skill level
  • A well organised session that has an organised schedule

What to bring
  • Bring an SD card for the camera and you can record your audition takes. And bring a hard copy of your scene for the reader.
What to wear


Appropriate for

For trained actors who wish to test their skill level with and learn from a professional casting director.

SESSION TWO (Saturday 14 April)

This session will be divided into two halves.  There will be 8 actors in the morning session and 8 actors in the afternoon session.