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Because this is always a diverse group of actors each session is tailored to the needs of the group.  The Rehearsal Room's unique process is still the foundation of all the lessons but the content will vary from session to session depending on the nature of the group.  Its a good idea to bring scenes that you are interested in working on.   But The Rehearsal Room files are available to find material if you don't have a scene.

The classes follow the same pattern that most classes at The Rehearsal Room do - there will be discussion about technique, which is followed by the rehearsal of a scene, that is then shot and reviewed.

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What you will learn
  • Learn a diverse range of practical skills tailored to your individual needs
  • Be able to manage character with simple skills that have you creating a character or changing on in seconds
  • Find you place in the scene so that you can engage an audience with the drama
What you will get
  • Record your scenes to take home to assess and measure your progress
  • Build your skills with an experienced director
  • Come to grips with an acting process that is totally logical and produces wonderfully creative performances
  • Test out whether this uniquely practical approach is the right one for you
  • Learn how to measure your performances so you can adjust them with ease
  • Know what to do when you first read your scene
  • Build your skill at learning lines
  • Develop the ability to work confidently because you are in charge of your process
Parking Info

Alternate entrance at 24 Tope Street, South Melbourne.

If you are coming by car Tope Street is the area you are more likely to find parking.  Read the signs.

What to bring
  • Bring your acting diary so you can take notes.
  • Bring an SD Card for the camera. Find details of SD Card @ https://www.rehearsalroom.com/cd-cards-for-classes/
What to wear


Appropriate for

Actors who are experience with The Rehearsal Room process, actors who have never done it before and even people who have never acted before but want to try are welcome in this class.

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