Summer Acting Intensive (5-days)

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Over 5 days experience the power of this remarkable approach to acting.  At the same time you can explore key elements that enable an actor to make clear functional decisions.  Prevent your fears and rampant imagination derailing your performance.  Understand how the actor's mind works.

Good acting process enables the actor to create character and effectively engage an audience.  Richly complex characters should be easy to create.  It is merely a question of understanding how to manage effective and creative decisions.  You will discover the keys to both these processes on this course.  Unleash your creative powers.


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What you will learn
  • How to create a convincing and entertaining character
  • How to engage your audience with the story and the drama
  • How to manage the creative mind to prevent creative chaos
What you will get
  • The scenes are recorded so you can take them home to assess your improvements
  • Specific elements of acting process are dealt with and then you practice on a scene
  • Acquire profoundly simple skills that produce complex and powerful results
  • Your understanding of the creative process will expand exponentially
  • You will become proficient with skills that work as well for a TV/screen performance as they do on the stage.
  • Understand what the director needs and be able to deliver it
Parking Info

Parking restrictions apply until 6pm on weekdays. Read the signs carefully.

Trams are very close.  The No 58 and No 1 are the best options.  

What to bring
  • Bring an SD Card to record your scenes. Details are here
What to wear


Appropriate for

You must be over 15years of age to acquire this new set of skills.