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This is a workshop for experienced actors.  It will add at least 15 specific techniques beyond the basic ones to an actor's toolbox.  How to play three-hander scenes; how to manage fears; simple ways for finding complex scene-drivers; how to standout in the audition room; many clever techniques for finding your purpose in a scene plus lots more.  All clear, logical and active techniques that put you in charge of your performance.

This workshop challenges actors to go to a high professional level.

The final exercise is to do a general audition with a professional Casting Director.

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What you will learn
  • Master a new acting vocabulary acquiring all the add-ons to the foundatioin elements
  • Build powerful performances gaining professional skills
  • Build on your strengths and challenge your weaknesses
What you will get
  • Record your scenes to take home each night to measure your improvements
  • Be assessed by a professional casting director at the end of the term
  • Come to grips with an acting process that has a wonderfully clear technique you can measure
  • Learn to standout from the crowd
  • Acquire skills in such areas as placing a complex character in a difficult situation
  • Know that you can deliver even a difficult scene
  • The ability to work confidently because you are in charge of your process
Parking Info

Parking restrictions apply until 6pm on weekdays. Read the signs carefully.

Trams are very close.  The No 58 and No 1 are the best options.  

What to bring
  • Bring your acting diary so you can take notes.
  • Bring a USB stick to record your work or an SD Card for the camera (ask for details of SD Card)
What to wear


Appropriate for

This workshop is for experience actors. It deals with sophisticated techniques. If you haven't studied here before on enrolment you will receive an eBook that explains the core values.

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