Auditioning for TV Commercials

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This one-day Intensive will improve your skills at auditioning for TV Commercials.  Yes, YOU WILL DO AN AUDITION. And you will discuss the outcomes and THEN HAVE ANOTHER TRY.  It's not like a standard audition workshop where there is no opportunity to make amends.  In fact, you will do two auditions.

After every round of auditions there will be a discussion/analysis session and then every actor will get a second go.  There will be one round in the morning session and another in the afternoon.  You get FOUR AUDITIONS in one-day working with two different audition formats.

During the briefing sessions after each audition you will get practical hands-on advice from the Casting Director's point of view and a Director's assessment from Richard Sarell.  You will explore a variety of options that are then tested out.

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What you will learn
  • Learn skills from a Casting Director that will improve your ability to audition
  • Understand more about how auditions work
  • Get feedback from a television director on the strengths of you audition process and your acting skill
What you will get
  • Your session with the Casting Director will be recorded on the SD Card you bring
  • Very clear and productive supportive comments from both Biffy and Richard
  • A well organised session that will raise your skill level
Parking Info

Parking restrictions apply until 6pm on weekdays. Read the signs carefully.

Trams are very close.  The No 58 and No 1 are the best options.  

What to bring
  • Bring an SD card for the camera and you can record your audition takes.
What to wear


Appropriate for

For trained or inexperience actors who wish to test their skill level with a professional casting director and understand more about the casting process

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09 July 2019 • Auditioning for TV Commercials

As a complete novice I learnt much about being behind the camera. The main focus was to have fun and relax. I fully recommend this course to anyone who is in the industry or is wanting to get involved in the industry. It's a great day and you get to meet new people which is always good for networking and getting your name out there. I would like to thank both Richard and Biffy for their insight and patience. Not to mention their experience. Stephen Bray


08 July 2019 • Auditioning for TV Commercials

This was a wonderful workshop. We did lot's of improvisation exercises and got the opportunity to do a few takes until we "got" it. We had lot's of positive feed back and had the opportunity to ask Questions. The atmosphere was positive and supportive. It was great to have Biffy and Richard give us their professional advice and feedback. Lot's of encouragement and good vibes so we could all enjoy the learning. I would highly recommend any future workshops that the Rehearsal Room offers.