Anatomy of a Self Test Audition Workshop

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Get the facts about how actors make choices when recording a self test audition.

In this one hour thirty minute webinar learn how to change quickly under pressure; how to interpret the casting directors notes; how to manage feelings of intimidation and do a simple exercise that will help you find creative choices for your next self test.

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What you will learn
  • Understand how you make choices that you didn't intend
  • Find ways to make creative choices for a self test
  • Explore how to interpret directors notes
What you will get
  • Very clear and productive comments from Richard that could make a significant difference to your skill level
  • A well structured session from which you will learn a lot

What to bring
  • Be ready - because you will want to take notes.
What to wear

Casual - pyjamas are fine!! (if you don't want to turn your camera on)

Appropriate for

For trained actors who wish to increase their skill level with and learn from a professional director.

Preparation for the Session

A pdf file with a scene (April) is available for you her.  If you can't download it email contact@rehearsalroom.com to request the scene.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Once a payment has been made no refunds are available.  However, your payment may be able to be transferred to another or future class if a suitable one is available.

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Terms & Conditions

The Rehearsal Room provides a supportive environment to enable you to learn quickly and make clear progress.  If you have to miss a class it might be possible for you to come an hour earlier for the next week's session to catch you up on the theory that you have missed.  Two free one hour catch up sessions are included in your term fee. After that you may have to pay for a private catch up lesson at $70 per hour.  Early notification if you can't attend a class is always helpful.  That way we can plan ahead.

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22 August 2020 • Anatomy of a Self Test Audition Workshop

Excellent tuition. Immediately implementable practical instruction and insights from industry professionals. Highly recommended. Phenomenal value.


17 August 2020 • Anatomy of a Self Test Audition Workshop

loved the audition workshop as it gave the perspective from the directors point of view. Also what the difference of what is asked by a casting director as apposed to a directors point of view can be quite different for an actor to take on .


17 August 2020 • Anatomy of a Self Test Audition Workshop

A fully comprehensive webinar with excellent and practical insight and formulas into finding complexities within you character for self tests and beyond.

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