Webinar 2: Improving Your Self Test Choices

Test out new remedies to a universal problem

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In Webinar 1 we got facts about how actors make choices when recording a self test audition.  The trap that almost 70% of actors fall into was revealed.

In Webinar 2 YOU WILL BE GIVEN SCENES SO YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE EXERCISES.  We will explore techniques to avoid falling into that common trap.  Six actors will test out the concepts so that you can improve your choices in your next self test.  

Webinar 1 was eye-popping. Clear analysis pointed to specific problems and creatively inventive remedies emerged.

Now we are going to work on developing those remedies, prove that they work and search for other options.

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What you will learn
  • You will do the exercises so that you can assess your own choices
  • Learn that you can make choices without knowing that you have
  • Test out new techniques to remedy obvious mistakes
What you will get
  • Very clear and highly creative methods for solving problems
  • A well structured session from which you will learn a lot

What to bring
  • Be ready - because you will want to take notes.
What to wear

Casual - pyjamas are fine!! (if you don't want to turn your camera on)

Appropriate for

For any actor who wishes to increase their skill level with and learn from a professional director.

Preparation for the Session

Make sure you have the scenes attached to your enrolment confirmation so you can do the exercises, too.

Refund Policy

Once a payment has been made no refunds are available.  However, your payment may be able to be transferred to another or future class if a suitable one is available.

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Terms & Conditions

The Rehearsal Room provides a supportive environment to enable you to learn quickly and make clear progress.  If you have to miss a class it might be possible for you to come an hour earlier for the next week's session to catch you up on the theory that you have missed.  Two free one hour catch up sessions are included in your term fee. After that you may have to pay for a private catch up lesson at $70 per hour.  Early notification if you can't attend a class is always helpful.  That way we can plan ahead.

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30 August 2020 • Webinar 2: Improving Your Self Test Choices

I loved the simple approach to creating a point of view for a role. I haven't seen this method before (not that I've been acting long) and it makes perfect sense to me. I found Richard to be approachable and gentle in his feedback, with practical suggestions that made a big difference to each person's work.

The Rehearsal Room


Janine, I am delighted you enjoyed the webinar and that it made sense to you.  That is my absolute aim -  that it makes sense and is easy to do.  Something that is easy to do is something that you can do well.

The changes every actor made during the session were impressive, weren't they. That's because they, like you, understood what they were doing.

I was very excited about our achievements. I think it is a real breakthrough in applying acting process.

There is a new term of classes classes starting in October and the Introductory Workshop is on Thursday night from October 8.



29 August 2020 • Webinar 2: Improving Your Self Test Choices

Thanks Richard for always having an educational and Inspiring workshop. So good to work on the craft, and your honesty and experience is much appreciated. Had fun.

The Rehearsal Room


Glad you enjoyed it, Silvana.  You did an excellent job with two impressively different interpretations of the scene.  With six out of six actors all managing to implement this new technique with complete success we had a very successful session.  What we were all part of on Saturday was a major breakthrough in the practice and understanding of acting process.  I'm excited.  Thanks for your help.


29 August 2020 • Webinar 2: Improving Your Self Test Choices

Richard has SUCH an interesting approach to acting. He integrates 'what the director wants' (he has over 1000 hours of TV under his belt) with 'how to get there' from an actor's perspective. In other words, he helps actors think about 'process' in the light of 'outcome' - what reads on the screen. He's pretty much a humble genius at this, and a really good human as well. Very very good value.

The Rehearsal Room


Janet, Thank you for your participation in what turned out to be a pretty remarkable breakthrough session.  

Your ability to analyze the ingredients of acting process has always impressed me. So, it means a lot to hear from you that I am hitting the target that I am aiming at.

It was an exciting session.

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