Webinar 3: Playing Drunk (or anything else)

Have fun playing around with dRuNkEn options

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In Webinar 1 and 2 we explored an important groundbreaking scene preparation technique that prevents actors making the mistake that 68% of actors make in their self tests.   Actors who demonstrated this new technique had a 100% success rate.

In Webinar 3: we are going to have fun exploring lots of different ways of playing drunk (or anything else). Actors in the session can choose to test out the techniques and be part of the fun.

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What you will learn
  • Explore a range of options that will produce surprisingly different outcomes
  • Learn how to make inventive choices
  • Build your trust a being playful
What you will get
  • Very clear and highly creative methods for solving problems
  • A well structured session from which you will learn a lot

What to bring
  • You will have more fun if you learn a short 15 second speech or prepare a short scene with a scene partner
What to wear

Casual - PJs are fine!!

Appropriate for

For any actor who wishes to increase their skill level with and learn from a professional director.

Preparation for the Session

Learn a short speech (15 seconds - let's keep it simple)  ...   or learn a short scene with a friend (1 minute duration) to perform drunk.  

Refund Policy

Once a payment has been made no refunds are available.  However, your payment may be able to be transferred to another or future class if a suitable one is available.

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Terms & Conditions

The Rehearsal Room provides a supportive environment to enable you to learn quickly and make clear progress.  If you have to miss a class it might be possible for you to come an hour earlier for the next week's session to catch you up on the theory that you have missed.  Two free one hour catch up sessions are included in your term fee. After that you may have to pay for a private catch up lesson at $70 per hour.  Early notification if you can't attend a class is always helpful.  That way we can plan ahead.

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15 September 2020 • Webinar 3: Playing Drunk (or anything else)

I am so glad I signed up for the rehearsal rooms class playing drunk. If I had an audition were I was required to be drunk I wouldn't have known were to start would have been tempted to go for cliche external mannerisms . No Richards class taught important questions why is your character drunk. How does this fit into the story. Giving me a technique and base to start with. Lynne McGregor


13 September 2020 • Webinar 3: Playing Drunk (or anything else)

Richard Sarell’s ‘The Rehearsal Room ‘is one of the best places to learn the craft of acting online!


12 September 2020 • Webinar 3: Playing Drunk (or anything else)

This was unbelievably good value-one and a half hours of gold from a master teacher.

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