Webinar 10: Monologues

Understanding is power

Live via Zoom
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Understanding your natural strengths and your natural biases is the pathway to being a stronger performer.

There will be lots of good examples and lots of opportunity for you to assess your own abilities. Understanding the benefit of your strengths will open the door on how to exploit them. 

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What you will learn
  • Understand the myths associated with monologues
  • Try simple techniques that you can immediately implement
  • Pitch your performance at consistent levels
What you will get
  • Very clear and highly creative methods for solving problems
  • A well structured session from which you will learn a lot

What to bring
  • Bring your willingness to participate and give things a try and a monologue if you have one - you don't have to be learnt.
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone who is interested in understanding how acting works. Any actor who wants to be empowered.

Preparation for the Session

Bring a monologue that you are familiar with so you can try out the techniques.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Once a payment has been made no refunds are available.  However, your payment may be able to be transferred to another or future class if a suitable one is available.

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Terms & Conditions

The Rehearsal Room provides a supportive environment to enable you to learn quickly and make clear progress.  If you have to miss a class it might be possible for you to come an hour earlier for the next week's session to catch you up on the theory that you have missed.  Two free one hour catch up sessions are included in your term fee. After that you may have to pay for a private catch up lesson at $70 per hour.  Early notification if you can't attend a class is always helpful.  That way we can plan ahead.

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24 November 2020 • Webinar 10: Monologues

I am so glad I did this class. Richard clarified the simple mistakes people make when preparing monologues. Lynne McGregor


22 November 2020 • Webinar 10: Monologues

A really useful session on monologues - including the most productive way to rehearse the scene, and the very important reminder that a monologue is still a *conversation*, and how the other person is reacting is essential to your performance.

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